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Small business owners
are creative

Here’s our thinking: small business owners are creative. They’re idea machines with big ambitions, and they want every part of their business to show their vision and ingenuity. We want to give small business owners a chance to express themselves and their brand while sending their products all around the world!


just 25 boxes

By setting our minimums at just 25 boxes and giving you a full range of colors, with an easy tool to help you create your custom designs, we make it possible for you to experiment as much as you like without risking anything. Once you’re happy with the design, just place your order.


People take notice

Everywhere our materials go, they make an enormous, colorful splash. People take notice. We’ve heard many success stories from business owners who used our boxes to package their materials at trade shows and wound up getting tons of interest from people – their boxes would get noticed at one end of the show and people would track the boxes back to the other end, just to see the business that used such bright, creative packaging.


Great stories

There are other great stories too, like the happy couples who used our mailers to send their wedding photos in style. Or the pizza companies who wound up getting new orders for their monthly special when they printed it on the top of their delivery boxes.

Bottom line

When you brand in color, you get noticed – in the best possible way.